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17 Star Wars Cocktails to Help You Feel the Force

Get ready to embark on a galactic journey with these exciting Star Wars cocktails.

Whether you’re hosting a themed party or looking to enjoy a taste of a galaxy far, far away, these drinks are sure to please.

Star Wars Martini
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Making themed drinks is easier than you think.

Sure, some can be over the top and include wild ingredients. But most just need fun glasses or creative garnishes.

And from the smoky depths of Mustafar to the icy plains of Hoth, these drinks perfectly embody what we all love about Star Wars.

So, grab your shaker, and may the “pours” be with you as we dive into this interstellar collection of Star Wars cocktails.

Tatooine Sunset cocktail in a Star Wars glass
Source: Sipsfromscripts.com

1. Tatooine Sunset

One of my favorite moments in the original trilogy is when Luke looks out over the sunset. The music swells, and the two moons accent the horizon. 

And this Tatooine sunset cocktail captures the beauty of that moment. I mean, look at it! It’s just so pretty. 

Don’t worry, this tequila sunset cocktail is more than a pretty face. It has citrus notes from orange juice and a burst of sweetness from pomegranate juice. 

Made with tequila blanco, think of it as an intergalactic margarita. 

Greedo and Han Solo Shots
Source: Awesomeon20.com

2. Greedo and Han Solo Shots

When hosting a Star Wars party, these Greedo and Han Solo shots are a must. 

The Han solo shot is rich and creamy with coffee and Irish cream liquor.

Meanwhile, the Greedo shot is a fresh and fruity apple juice and Midori recipe

This pairing is the perfect mix of sweet and rich – much like Han and Greedo. They’re sure to be a big hit for all the Star Wars fans in your life. 

The question is: who will shoot first?

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Baby Yoda Drink with kiwi
Source: Homecookedharvest.com

3. Baby Yoda Cocktail

Can’t get enough of Baby Yoda? Me either!

These Baby Yoda cocktails are almost too cute to drink. Almost. 

Just like Grogu, they’re simple, delightfully sweet, and so very green!

They pair fresh kiwi and vodka for a fruity kiss of sweetness and use a skewer of black olives for those big, adorable eyes. 

Dagobah Slug Slinger Cocktail
Source: Goodfoodstories.com

4. Dagobah Slug Slinger

If you listen closely, you can almost hear the cantina band in the distance. This fragrant cocktail is a popular menu item at the Mos Eisley cantina. 

But you don’t have to travel at the speed of light to make it at home. 

It incorporates an earthy and spicy Dagobah syrup with tequila and citrus. 

Think of it as a margarita for space-weary travels. 

Source: Pixiedustedlifestyle.com

5. Boba Fett Cocktail

Intergalactic bounty hunters rejoice – there’s a cocktail just for you!

And just like Boba Fett in the Sarlacc pit, this cocktail goes down incredibly easily. 

It’s a bright and fruity blue Curacao cocktail full of citrus and lemon-lime soda.

The play on flavors matches Boba Fett’s reputation perfectly. It’s incredibly strong – but also quite sweet. 

Source: Attemptsatdomestication.com

6. Yub Nub Drink

You can find this Yub Nub drink at Oga’s Cantina in Disney World. 

But if you can’t make it to Disney, you can easily recreate this drink at home. 

What I love most about this rum cocktail is that it pairs tropical flavors with just a touch of spice. 

It tastes out of this world, and it’s so incredibly refreshing. 

Jyn and Juice cocktail
Source: mycrazygoodlife.com

7. Jyn & Juice

I don’t think Jyn Erso from Rogue One earns enough praise. I mean, she was the entire reason the rebellion destroyed the Death Star!

This Jyn and Juice is more than just a clever play on words. It tastes just as flavorful as a traditional gin and juice with a citrus twist. 

It’s just like Jyn: strong, and beautiful, with just a hint of spice (from fresh mint). 

Source: Midgetmomma.com

8. Luke Skywalker Cocktail

The Luke Skywalker cocktail is a must for any Star Wars-themed celebration

And believe it or not, this 3-ingredient cocktail come together in a snap.

It pairs vodka, Godiva liquor, and light cream. That’s it! The rich colors of this cocktail are on the theme for an original-trilogy rewatch get-together.

Source: Diznify.com

9. Jedi Mind Trick

Here’s another cocktail found at Oga’s Cantina at the Disney World Resort. But you don’t have to travel to Disney to enjoy this refreshing beverage. 

This cocktail is rich and fruity thanks to grapefruit and white grape juice. 

Pair it with Ketel One Botanicals Grapefruit Rose Vodka and Blue Curacao, and transport yourself to another galaxy. 

Source: Sugarspunrun.com

10. Greedo’s Last Drink

In the movie, Greedo wasn’t drinking when he met his end at the hands of Han Solo. 

But if he was indulging in a Cantina cocktail, it was probably this one. 

Greedo’s Last drink is a play on a Midori Sour. It pairs whiskey, Midori, sour mix, and a splash of lemon-lime soda. 

If you love sour drinks, you have to check it out.

Source: Midgetmomma.com

11. Storm Trooper Raspberry Coconut Cocktail

I like to imagine that Strom Troopers were always a little buzzed. It would explain why they are such bad shots. 

And this Storm Trooper raspberry coconut cocktail is pretty hard to resist. It’s like a fancy Pina Colada. 

Rim the glasses with a bit of black sanding sugar, and you have a cocktail that’s fit for Darth Vader’s ill-fated army. 

Source: Homemadehooplah.com

12. Floating Yoda Cocktail

You are in for a treat with the Floating Yoda cocktail! It’s part cocktail, part dessert.

What’s not to love? 

It’s rich and creamy with Kahlua, milk, and vodka. But we’re not done yet!

To get that cute floating Yoda effect, top each cocktail with a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

Source: Midgetmomma.com

13. BB-8 Orange Martini

Just like BB-8, this drink is delightfully orange and oh-so-sweet. 

If you love orange juice cocktails, it’s a must-try. It pairs fresh OJ with orange vodka and orange liquor. 

With a dash of simple syrup, it’s the perfect balance of sweet and citrusy.

Source: Nerdymamma.com

14. Star Wars Death Star Cocktail

Listen closely. Can you hear the horns from the Imperial March in the background?

The Death Star cocktail is dark, brooding, and very strong. Darth Vader would approve. 

It pairs coffee liquor, and cinnamon schnapps with ice. That’s it!

When you want to give into the dark side, this cocktail is a great choice. 

Source: Liquor.com

15. Drink Me, You Will

Easy to make, it is. This Yoga-inspired cocktail will have you mixing around your words by the bottom of the glass. 

This cocktail is strong, and it goes down easy. Maybe a little too easy. And it’s hard to resist that electric green color!

It utilizes Calvados (apple brandy) with fresh notes from apple cider and a hint of earthiness from basil leaves. Yum!

Source: Sipsfromscripts.com

16. My Only Hope

The flavors in this cocktail are a great way to celebrate May 4th.

If Princess Leia had a signature sipper, it would likely be this sweet and fruity cocktail. 

It’s equal parts dark and brooding with hints of fresh citrus and sweet fruits. 

The flavors are sweet, spicy, citrusy, and out of this world: a cocktail fitting for a princess. 

Source: Liquor.com

17. Java the Hutt

This cocktail is so much more than a clever play on words. If you love iced coffee, you’ll fall in love with this java the Hutt cocktail. 

It’s so rich and creamy thanks to Cutwater Fugu horchata vodka and Giffard white crème de cacao liqueur. 

And with a splash of cream and coffee, it’s the perfect iced coffee with a dark side. 

17 Best Star Wars Cocktails

Course: DrinksCuisine: American


Prep time





Embark on a galactic journey to a galaxy far, far away with these exciting Star Wars cocktails. One sip and you’ll feel definitely the force.


  • 2 ounces Empress Gin

  • 1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice

  • 1/2 ounce orange blossom water

  • 1 ounce butterfly pea flower syrup

  • rock candy or sugar gummies, for garnish


  • Fill a martini glass with ice water. Set aside.
  • In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine the gin, orange blossom water, and butterfly pea flower syrup. Shake well for 20-30 seconds.
  • Pour the ice water out of the glass and strain the drink into it. Just before serving, drizzle the lemon juice over the top to see the drink change color!
  • Garnish with rock candy sticks or sugared gummies on cocktail skewers. Enjoy!


  • If you can’t find the right type of candy, make your own! There are plenty of recipes for “homemade gummies” online.
Star Wars Cocktails

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